Friday, September 30, 2011

sight singing "How Deeply You're Connected to My Soul"

Today's lesson gives you sight singing practice in bass clef with "How Deeply You're Connected to My Soul."  If you want a challenge, pause it at the beginning and try to sing it yourself.  The rhythms include lots of dotted quarter eighth patterns and syncopation on the last phrase.  The melody is mostly stepwise motion except on the last phrase. 

Remember that sight singing is all about the relationships of the notes to one another.  It really doesn't matter which clef you are reading as long as you know what key you are in (major or minor) and where the tonal center is on the staff.  Depending on the range of your voice you might be singing a song in a different octave than the one that is written.  This song is notated in C major and it starts on D (re).  I sing it in my range which is an octave above what is written.  Please forgive my warbly voice as I have a cold.