Monday, September 26, 2011

How Deeply You're Connected to My Soul

"How Deeply You're Connected to My Soul" is a song I first learned at a Montessori workshop probably 14 years ago.  I don't know who wrote it, but I love the message.  I was reminded of it this weekend at a workshop I went to called Dance for PD where I learned about teaching dance classes for people with Parkinson's Disease.  Rachel and Jennifer, who teach a Dance for PD class in their community, told me that they use this song for the ending circle where the dancers all hold hands and "pass the pulse". 

Here is the recording of me singing it.  The first time you'll hear just the melody and the second time you'll hear the melody plus two harmony parts.  This song is in the key of C major.  It is a really easy one to notate because almost all of the motion is stepwise except at the very end.  Try to write it out on staff paper.  It starts on D.  I will give the correct notation in the next lesson.