Sunday, January 9, 2011

Note Equivalencies

Pitch and rhythm are two essential elements of music.  Pitch refers to how high or low the notes are.  Rhythm moves the music forward in time.  In music notation the rhythm moves horizontally (left to right) across the page and the pitch moves vertically (up and down). 

Most songs also have a steady beat or a pulse.  The rhythms are notated in relationship to this beat.  It is important to understand how the duration or length of each note is related to other notes.  This relationship remains constant regardless of which note receives one beat or pulse.  Study the note equivalencies on this music information sheet

Optional: Print and cut out the self checking note equivalencies cards to practice.  For example:  Two eighth notes end to end are the same length as one quarter note.  Four quarter notes end to end are equal to one whole note. 

Echo the rhythms in this exercise.