Monday, January 10, 2011

active listening

Happy Snow day to those of you in the Charlotte area.  We have about 4 inches where I am. 

Listen to these songs and consider the speed of the steady beat or pulse. This speed is called the tempo.  Do the songs have the same tempo or different?  Is it fast, slow or in between?

"Out of Eternity"
"Shalom Chaverim"

Now listen again.  Do you hear any instruments being played?  How many voices do you hear?  Are the voices singing the same thing?

This time listen for the melodies.  Listen for the stepwise motion and for the skips?  Which song has more stepwise motion?  Which one has the largest skips or leaps?

This time sing along.  Here are the words:

Out of eternity the new day was born.
Back to eternity it will return.

Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverim,
shalom, shalom
Le hit raot, Le hit raot
shalom, shalom
(Peace, my friend, until we meet again)