Thursday, May 12, 2011

sight singing a famous London tune

I just returned from a wonderful visit to England and Wales and was thinking of what I could post today, music wise, related to my visit.  I heard beautiful choir music at Christ Church Cathedral and Exeter College's Chapel in Oxford, but I did not record these as both were part of Evensong services.  Then I thought of the perfect tune that I heard in London.  It is very short and can be heard in London every day.  I won't give any more details as it will give it away.  Challenge yourself to figure out the tune before watching the video.  It only uses do, re, mi and the so below do.  Pick any pitch to be the tonic (do).  You might want to follow the notes on your tone ladder sheet.  Each line has the same rhythm pattern, three quarter notes followed by a half note.  The video is pretty cool and has many related videos that are interesting too. 

d   m   r   s
d   r   m   d
m   d   r   s
s   r   m   d

YouTube of mystery song